Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Joshua Flax

On last Wednesday we marched through the gate and to the dried up river. We were cutting flax. First We Prayed to god because it was a tonga to maori people. Then we looked for the baby, poppa and momma you cannot cut those. When miss teto cut some for all of us we felt them and played with them. I made a snake while making knots I did not mean to make a snake. When we stopped playing we went back to our class.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


For Christmas I got a toy it's called an Ocelot. Ocelots are from minecraft they nickname is Cat

My Holidays

In the holidays I played on my computer and my favourite game was Minecraft.  I also did some things with my family.  Here is a picture of me going for a walk and find some geocaches.  A geocache is a box with toys and a piece of paper that you write your name on.  You find it by looking around after my Mum tells me where to look.

On Christmas Day we went to a fancy restaurant where you got to pick your own food and after that you get your own dessert.  You get crowns and jokes too.

And thats what I did in my holidays.