Thursday, 31 December 2015

My Birthday

On my birthday I woke up and went to my Mum and Dad's room to open my presents.  I opened all of them and I got an Enderdragon, two science kits and $20 from a card.

A little bit later in the day we had my cake.  It was a chocolate cake with a number 9 on it.  It looked delicious.  I got to cut the cake and then I shared it out to all my family.

Later, at dinnertime, we went to Valentines and everybody ate until they were full.  I had lots of salad and some dessert.  I really liked the marshmallows and ice cream.  Then we went home and had a big big rest.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Thursday, 10 December 2015

2015 Fun Times.



The Demonosaurus was a dinosaur that lived in the Triassic Period. His name means “dino of the underworld.” It has this name because it is a T-rex that is dead, thats why its a demon.

Size And Body Parts

The Demonosaurus has teeth the size of two bananas. He has 69 teeth to eat with, and he is 45 meters wide, and 20 meters tall. It has cord made from the flesh of the Dinosaur to keep them together. He also has 4 horns so he can split other dinosaurs in half.

Habitat And Where It Lived

The Demonosaurus lives in volcanoes to keep warm. He can survive in this place because he has lava proof skin to protect him, to get out. He climbs out with his mighty feet that have special slime to stick to walls. The slime never comes off because of heat, it's stuck to him forever. The Demonosaurus lived in New Zealand and Australia.


The Demonosaurus had lots of features to defend itself from humans and dinosaurs, one of its features is that it's very stealthy so it can sneak up on their prey.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Google Expeditions


On Tuesday we went to google expeditions and we went to the staff room and got to see a lot of cardboard boxes, these were the Google expeditions.

Using A Google Expedition

We each got one Google expedition and we looked into it and saw “paused by teacher” we waited for Mr Moran to change it to an image of a place in the world. We went scuba diving first, Mr Moran said “put your boots on because we are going scuba diving” and we looked into the Google expedition and we saw lots of underwater animals and things. Everyone went “Wow!” as we looked around.

How Do They Work?

Google expeditions work as photo viewers, you look into them and see a picture, here’s an example, you look into a Google expedition and you're now looking at a giant tortoise. It is an app that is going to be free next year. Its for your phone, there was a phone in the box and thats what its set up by.


After our fun we went outside and back to our classroom, we all wanted to do that again and see more expeditions. I hated the jungle after it to.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non-Stop Cricket

On Thursday, class 11 and 12 lined up to play non-stop-cricket. We went down to the field and it was already set up.

I was batting first, I was ready to make the ball fly. My first hit… well, it only went one meter. But then my next try it went FLYING! It was accelerating in the air and I sprinted back and forwards so I could get points for my team. I was energetic so I could run very very fast.

Then I was fielding next, I saw a ball in the air, but it was far from me, and it almost bonked someone on the head. Another one went straight past me, Deavay and I were racing for it. Deavay got there first and grabbed it, I almost risked stumbling for nothing. I was a little sad because I couldn’t get a ball.
Non-stop cricket was pretty cool, I didn’t know I would like cricket. And I want to do it again.



Today I went to athletics with class 11 and 12. When we got there, some other teachers were there too.

I was throwing first, I flung the sock through the air and it bashed into the ground next to the cone. Then Aymon’s turn was up and he thrusted the ball. Accelerating in the air the ball hit the ground, our team got second place for that round! After Deavay’s turn, it was Bethan’s turn to throw, I was shouting “go Bethan go Bethan!” And she boosted the sock in the air.

Basketball was next, we were split into two groups. When it was my turn, I threw the ball, and it missed, better luck next time! After everyone else's turn, I threw it again, but it missed, some people are not good at basketball okay? Then we got in a line to go to the next activity.

Bag Jumps were last, I prounced in the air to the cone, went round it, and came back. Then it was another person’s turn. My turn came up again and I thought “second time's a charm!” But then I fell over, must of been third time's a charm.

After the bag jumps, we all went back to class, I like athletics, but I want to go to morning tea to play with my friends and be happy.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

On Monday, Pt england went to an immersion assembly. I was excited about what our topic was for term 4. Our topic was about the animal that was extinct about 67 million years ago, the dinosaur.

Team 1.
Team 1 was my favorite movie out of all of them. It was a movie about the zoo and animals. They also did a karaoke challenge with the song roar. I liked this one because my favorite song was roar and I like the zoo.

Team 2.
Team 2 was funny, the teachers were running away from dinosaurs. They were just pictures, not in real life. If you thought it was in real life then you're crazy. I liked their movie because it was very creative.

Team 3.
Team 3 also known as my team. My team did a movie about disco dinosaurs, here are some of the names. Bossaraptor, Muscleosaurus, Karakaraptor and Manosaurus. There were more, but I can't remember their names. It was the best because they were dancing to the music and they were playing peek-a-boo at the start. This team was my second favourite.

Mr Burt
Mr Burt clapped to the last team and then played his own movie about a parrot that didn’t adapt.
I can’t tell you that story because I forgot all about it. After the movie, Mr Burt announced the winners for the blog post challenge. Surprisingly I was one of them, and I won a movie voucher!

The immersion assembly was awesome, I loved it to bits. I think that I will have a good term learning about dinosaurs. Because everyone loves dinosaurs.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

My Holidays.

The holidays are nearly over and I did some really exciting things that I want to share.

Visiting my Grandma

The first exciting thing I did was go to my Grandmas house.  It was a two hour drive so we needed to pack a few things for our trip.  When we went we saw lots of cars and went on the motorway.  After a few minutes of driving we came to McDonalds.  My Mum bought me a Cheeseburger and fries to eat while we were driving.  Me and my brother were chomping on our food while we were driving.  I got a little bit carsick when I was finishing my burger in the car. 1 hour later we arrived.

While I was at my Grandmas house I played with my cousins.  We were having fun and then we got to have a very special buffet lunch.  I got to make spongecake with Grandma and it was yummy.  Grandma and Grandad took us for lots of walks and I got to walk their dog.  We played lots of board games like Beatle, Candyland, Tri-ominos and Topple.  We stayed at Grandmas for three days and it was fun.

The Sleepover

On Saturday my cousins came over to have a sleepover with me.  We played Guess Who and Trivial Pursuit.  We also played hide and seek and tag around the house which was very noisy.  We all went to Denny's for dinner and I got a giant oversize hot dog and an Orbits of Oreo sundae.

The Zoo

The next morning we went to the zoo.  I wanted to see rabbits but there were none.  I did get to see my second favourite animal, guinea pigs.  I also saw meerkats which was pretty cool.  The elephant was putting dirt on himself and spraying water.  I liked the giraffe but they were a long way away.  We went to the Tarantula because that was what I also wanted to see most.  But sadly when we looked into the glass cage there was no sign of it.  Then we went to the zoo playground for a bit and I wanted to go back to see if I could find it with my dad.  When we looked back in the cage we shined a little bit of light in it and saw the Tarantula legs sticking out from under the log.  I was very happy because I really wanted to see it and I did.

I've had a good holidays but I really want to see my friends so I'm looking forward to going back to school on Monday.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cross Country Recount

Last week on monday pt england had cross country at 1:00. I was so excited that my head was about to blow up.

While the year 4 boys were waiting for their turn. I was playing games with the person beside me. It took about 25 minutes for our turn to run. I was very patient and finally, it was my turn.

As the year 4 boys got into a line. I felt nervous, I thought, “I must never give up and run the whole way without stopping” and i did, suddenly, we all heard the big BANG! We all went dashing through the cones, I was lagging behind while Kruz was just beside me, I tried to go faster but Kruz was too fast! I was becoming last place when we turned the very first corner. Then it was just a straight line until we got to the second, I was past Kruz and another person after I went past that corner.

After we went past the second corner we had to run a long way to the fence, this was when I was catching up to 2 more people. Once I was through the fence, it was a big track from there.

After the race, my mum hugged me and then I had a drink. I liked cross country, and I wasn't last. I think we should do it once a year.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

What We Need And What We Want.

Joshua Fireman Davids Visit

On Friday we had a fireman come to our class to teach us about the role of a fireman. His name was Fireman David. It was very interesting and informative.

Fireman David explained to us that the fitness test is where you need to go through the rat maze. The rat maze is a pitch black maze that you need to get out of. The rat maze makes you better at knowing where you are in pitch black. There is another part that you need to swim every second day. You finally need to run up the stairs and then back down over and over again.

You need a variety of equipment if you are a firefighter. You need a fire truck, a hose, a ladder and breathing apparatus. Firemen wear protective clothing that is fireproof, They also wear heavy duty boots and a helmet with a visor

Firemen extinguish fires and save people from their houses. Firemen also save cats from trees and other animals.  Firefighters always have confidence so they can save everybody.

Fireman David taught our class lots of things. The interesting thing was that he said that the fire truck was a toolbox with wheels. He also said the fire was scary because it was dark and spooky because of the steam and smoke.

So as you can see, Fireman David taught us lots of things about firemen. When i grow up i would like to be a video game designer, not a fireman, mainly because i don’t like fires and i think i would just run away.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tog Design

This Is My Tog Design. It Has An Umbrealla and its dark skin clothes, there are two forms of this, manequin, and human.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Part 1 And 2 Whats The Job

Part 1 Of Whats The Job? Please Go Into Full Screen To Play.
Part 2 Of Whats The Job. Please Go Into Full Screen To Play. If You Didnt Play Part One, Please Go Play It First.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015


A Principal Needs To be very smart and he needs to teach everybody, Principals also need to tell people off and do tons of work.

What does his job involve/What does he do?
Principals have to do lots of jobs they should be a good manager, a good communicator. they need to do lots of work so they can chill out in the weekend, they also need to be very nice to people

What equipment does a principal need?
Nice Clothes, and a computer/laptop these items/clothing are for being a principal. You are going to look weird if you don't have clean clothes.

What characteristics does a principal need?
A Principal needs to be smart, helpful, nice, responsible and sharing. You also need to be a good leader, and a good person to be a principal These characteristics are useful for being a principal because you don't want to be mean to other people and you need to be able to know lots of stuff

So as you can see, you need to be kind and smart. You need stuff to do your work on, and clean clothes.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Big Hail Day

Yesterday the weather was hailing! It was very small pieces of hail and I think there was more than 230 pieces when we realized. We collected four cups of hail and filled them to their max potential. After we had four cups, we put two in the fridge and two on the table. Finally, we waited for them to melt.  Guess how much water was in the cups? If you guessed in between 567 and 591 you're correct!

Friday, 7 August 2015



A Firefighter has a really hard job and they risk their lives for us. A firefighter’s job is also very rewarding for putting out fires and saving the lives of people. For firefighters it's all about saving people and putting out fires. Usually you have to go up multiple floors to save people so they have to train before they become strong enough. They get called to put out fires and save people ALOT.

What Do Firefighters Do?

Fire Fighters have a varied amount of things to do. They extinguish fires and save people. The firefighters educate people at the fire station or a school to teach them how to not set their house on fire. Firefighters attend accidents and have to break open cars with a crowbar or something like that. Firefighters always have to train and get fit so they can carry the oxygen tanks. Firefighters do lots of things as you can see, they need to not be lazy and be very very strong.

What Does A Firefighter Wear?

Firefighters wear masks and oxygen tanks. This is their breathing apparatus! They wear these two accessories to prevent them from breathing in the smoke. They also wear fireproof and protective suits. They also wear heavy duty boots and a helmet with a visor.

How Do You Become Firefighter?

To become a firefighter you need to train hard to lift up the hose. They Interview people to see who is good for this job. If you are good for being a firefighter, you can get the job so you can get money and save people. Physical fitness is good for this job. They also need to sit  literacy, numeracy and logical thinking tests.

What Characteristics Do You Need To
Become A Firefighter?

As a Firefighter you need to work hard, be brave, be able to work in teams.  You need to have the right characteristics to be a firefighter, like honesty, firesmart, fit, reliable, teamwork, well trained, trustworthy, confident ect ect. You need to be brave or you will just run away cause you're scared. You also need to be trustworthy so people can believe in you that you will save them. You have to work hard so you can put out the fires and save people.


This Is My Pattern It Is Green, Blue, And Red

Friday, 24 July 2015

Immersion Assembly 2

First thing in the morning, Pt England went to the assembly. It was an immersion assembly. an immersion assembly is an assembly where you have all the teams have a presentation. Our topic for this term is Trade and Enterprise. When we went in,  Mr Burt was being an auctioneer and was booming out “1 Dollar! Who Has 1 Dollar?! 4 Dollars! Who Has 4 Dollars?!” The children were the bidders.

Team three was my favourite because they made a catchy YMCA song. They said “ Y, M C A” “ Y, M C A” They had a surgeon, cowboy, builder, soldier and a policeman. And they asked the kids who wants to be what.

Team 1 was my other favourite because they threw chocolate money everywhere.  I also liked how they went to the market and bought stuff. I never knew there were donuts at that market! PS: I got some extra chocolate coins.

I felt very curious of what we were going to do for Trade and Enterprise. I also felt like the year was almost over already. Lets see what i do for term 3!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 8

On our last day in Australia we went to the airport.  The plane on the way home was different and the movies were broken.  I played on my iPad instead.

I had a lot of fun on the holiday and my favourite things were Seaworld and Waterworld.

Holiday Journal Day 5 and 6

We went up the Skyline Tower to the 77th floor.  It was a super fast elevator and only took 45 seconds to get to the top.  On the roof of the elevator there was a screen that was showing what was actually happening and what level you were on.  At the top we looked down at the beach and city.

After we came down from the tower we went shopping.  I bought a little koala and kangaroo toy to take home.   That night we went out for dinner and I had Golden Nuggets and an ice cream for dessert.

The next morning we went to Pancakes on the Rocks for breakfast.  I had buttermilk pancakes with sausages, grilled tomatoes and egg.  It was so big I couldn't eat it all.  Mum and I went to Pacific Fair which is a really big mall in Australia.  Shopping was pretty boring except I got some new googles and a kick board which I used that afternoon when we went to the pool.  It was fun swimming in the pool in the dark.

Holiday Journal Day 7

We went to Seaworld and the first thing we saw was penguins.  They were swimming and moving around their cage.  There was a detective seal show which was a little bit funny and the seals did some tricks and ate fish.  The dolphin show was cute and I really liked when they came really close and looked at us.  After some lunch, we saw some polar bears.  The first time we saw them they were swimming and playing with each other.  Later in the day when we saw them, the biggest polar bear was swimming and playing with a log of wood.  He came up really close to the glass window.

My brother and I played on the wipeout maze.  It was very very long and you had to do some climbing so you were up very high.  There was a pool full of stingrays and you could touch them on their sides.  They looked like they had wings as they swam through the pool.  At first I was little scared to touch them and started with the baby ones.  I jumped whenever they came up close but I did touch the big ones by the end of the day.

My favourite thing was the dolphin show which we saw two times.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 4

We went to water world.  I went to the Wiggle Bay Area and there were four water slides.  Each slide was a different speed and shape.  I liked the purple slide best because it was fast and bendy.  Also at the water park there was a cave wave pool.  I sat in a round donut and every 15 minutes the waves came crashing through the pool and I rode the waves to the beach.  There was a big wave that covered me in water and pushed me fast to the beach.

When water world closed we went back to Dreamworld, watched the tiger show and I went on some more rides.  It was cool when the tiger climbed the tree to eat the chicken and then slowly climbed backwards down the tree.  My favourite ride today was the giggle and hoot which went up and down and wiggled me around.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 3

We went to Tambourine Mountain National Park.  The first thing we did was a Skywalk.  It is like a walk on a bridge and it is very high up.  The bridge wriggled as you walked on it.  You could see the tops of all the trees.

We had a picnic lunch and while we were eating a wild turkey came to see us.  After lunch we walked down to the waterfalls.  You could sit on the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall.  I put my hand in the water and it was freezing.  We went in a different bush walk and found a geocache in the roots of a big tree.  We had fish and chips for dinner at the end of the day.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 2

Yesterday we drove to Dreamworld. It is a theme park where you can have an amazing day.  My favourite part of the day was the teacup ride which spun me around and around.  Throughout the day we went on some great rides including vintage cars, the Dreamworld train, flying pigs and bumper cars.

I got to see kangaroos, dingos and pat a koala bear.  I also saw snakes and a big spider which I didn't like so much.  We saw the Madagascar show while I ate a big ice cream and I then had a ride in a big red boat.

The sun was starting to set and it got quite dark by the time we left Dreamworld but I had a perfect day.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 1

Yesterday I went on a plane that brought us to Australia and it was very scary because we were so high up.  On the plane were mini TVs that you could play games or watch movies on.  I played puzzle games and watched Phineas and Ferb.  I got fruit salad and muesli with milk about three quarters through and it was very tasty.

When we landed it was very very weird.  I have never gone to another country before.  We went to the shops and after that we went for lunch.  Next we went to the beach and I made a volcano with my brother.  On our way back I saw a bird with a long beak.  It was an ibis.

After we went to the apartment and chilled for a few minutes.  Then we went to the pool.  There are multiple kinds of pools.  There is a baby pool, an adult pool, a spa, and a waterfall too.  The spa was warm and some of the other pools were very cold.  It gets dark at 5pm right now in Australia.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Miss Thompson Is Leaving The Pavillion!

Miss Thompson Is Leaving The Pavillion! All Class 12 And 11 Will Miss Her Alot!
Here Is My Picture Of Everyone Crying And Miss Thompson Smiling.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Friday, 26 June 2015


What Is Matariki?
Matariki is an important event for New Zealand and is also the name of the Maori New Year where a cluster of stars appear. Its around 7 stars. Its also the sighting of the next moon.

One Story About The Orgins Of Matariki
Tawhirimatea  (god of the wind) got very distraught because of the separation of Ranginui (sky father) and Papatuanuku (earth mother) and Tawhirimatea hurled his eyes to the sky

How To See Matariki
The celebration for Matariki will begin at late May to early June. Or if you look east + north, half an hour before dawn you will see the 7 stars and it ends at July.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
Matariki is when the end of harvest is here and that means you harvest your crops for winter. People need LOADS of food for the one cold season. This is also when a migration of fish (an abundance of fish.) and a preporation for the new year ahead. This is also a time to remember your family and your ansisters.

Maori New Year
Traditional celebrations Pt 2
This is a time to have  fun and filling feasts, fly kites, talk with visitors,  dance to songs and sing while everyone dances.

Maori New Year - today
There are many various ways to celabrate for Maori New Year. Again, flying kites, flying in hot air balloons, setting off fireworks, having concerts and having fun speacail events.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Planning Sheet For My Board Game

  • L.O: identify and use main the ideas in a text to help inform you in creating your own board game.

Check this website out that looks at the process for designing a new board game.

Then working in pairs first  come up with an original game board plan then see if you can make it. Incorporate (include) an element or part of the Penny Walk game into your board game.   (Note: You will need to try and make it a good quality product)

Brainstorm Ideas: Write any realistic possibilities down. Then choose one to focus on.
Target age group:  6 - 24
Goals of the game:
5 Players - 7 Players
5 Minutes
It Is Based On Strategy And Luck
How will players win?: Players Will Win If They Knock Everything Over
Rules of the game: Dont Punch The Blocks Down
Create rough test game:
Sketch your board design.
Test your game:
Make changes/refinements:    
Materials you will need: Ball      

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Mister Monkey Man And The Big Boat

On a dull, starless night there was a treacherous headland with a village below it. The old stone lighthouse was a beacon illuminating the water and rocks as it rotated. There were cosy cottages with villagers having a party and saying “Yay!” celebrating Mr Bald Face and Miss Hairy Face Having A Wedding.   

There was a lighthouse keeper in the lighthouse and he slammed the window shut with annoyance thinking “Arghhhhh!  there is too much noise i can't concentrate!”. Mister monkey man heard an unusual clanking which disturbed the festivities. The window forced open because of the wind and suddenly, everything plunged into darkness.

Mister monkey face  picked up a lantern and ran but he  tripped, he got back up and ran up the stairs. Mister Monkey Face surveyed the cogs and wheels. Nothing was wrong there so Mister Monkey Face ran up to the last floor.

Mister Monkey Face found out that the enormous lamp had extinguished and thought “What?!” He realized that a boat was coming dangerously close.the horn suddenly blasted and thought “ I'm gonna die!”and he picked up the heavy lamp precariously in a blasting shock. But he stumbled, and the lamp shattered into little shards. He sensed hopelessness.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 at 9.50.29 AM.png

Gasping for breath, he ran down the stairs. Fortunately, all the villagers came with their lanterns

they all went up to the top and were the beacon and the boat lived safely ever after. (and the villagers)

Gasping for breath, he ran down the stairs. Fourtunatly, all the villagers came with their lanterns

they all went up to the top and were the beacon and the boat lived safly ever after. (and the villagers)