Friday, 28 February 2014

My first day at the library

My favourite book  is the magic backpack it is cool as pie they make a tasty cake but someone forgot an ingredient  so he rushes to the place where there is coacoa and choclet and he rushes back to school and they ate happily ever after

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Building patterns

My school things

My things for school are a t-shirt and pants and a school bag 

The beach

We had a fun time at the beach it was AWSOME exept the salt water it tasted like old orange juice we had a very fun time at the beach.

Monday, 24 February 2014

My friend

This is my friend Arthur he likes to listen to music

Can you guse what this person is?

Who is this?


I want to explain why we have hats.

What is a hat? What do we use it for?
A hat is something that you wear on your head. We use a hat to protect us from the sun and the.
Why is it important that we wear hats when outdoors?
 There are several reasons for this. 

The main reason is Is to protect us from the sun and stop us from getting sunburnt and sore skin.

Another reason A hat can give us shade from the sun.

A further reason is A hat can keep us dry from the rain.


So now you can see why
We wear hats

My dad's birthday

In the weekend was my dads birthday it was cool he is now 50 years old we went to a crab place it had more than 200 crabs there and there was also a bird island! And we got icecream at the end of the day

Thursday, 20 February 2014

About me and my brother

This is me my name josh belt I  am 7 years old I go to pt England school. my favorite thing is Minecraft servers my favorite colour is orange and my my brother is 11 years old he likes YouTube and the pixlemon mod for minecraft 

The most best sever

It was a lovely day in Minecraft where all the things are made out of squares well mostly out squares uh oh! The circle kingdom is attacking again we can't let them win! Otherwise they'd turn our world into circles army attack! Oh no you don't get the circle kingdom! We won! We won! The Minecraft kingdom shouted and they lived happily ever after.


This is Steve the Minecraft player he has done lots of progress in his world woah! Said Steve he just found diamonds, gold, redstone, iron, emeralds, coal, and even obsidian. And he lived happily ever after

Temperature question

Today the tempoter was 12 degrees Celsius by 12 pm it increased by 7 degrees now the degrees Celsius is at 19 degrees  at 3 pm it had dropped 5 degrees Celsius  now it is at 14 degrees  at 7 a.m  it dropped 3 more degrees Celsius  so now the degrees Celsius is 11 degrees Celsius 

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Maths Problems

The strip is two smiley faces and two sad faces = 20c next strip is three smiley faces and three sad faces = 30c

Colour poem

My favourite culuer is orange
Orange tastes like orange
Orange smells like lemonade
Orange sounds like me
Oranges feel sqishy
Oranges looks like juicey little balls
Orange is orange

Wednesday, 5 February 2014