Wednesday, 13 January 2016

SLJ: Day 4 Bonus Activity My Short Story

I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then…

a spider about five times bigger than usual, jumped out of nowhere. It hissed like a snake. Then all of a sudden it was just five creepy eyes. It wasn't a spider anymore, it was something else. The eyes were disappearing at a slow rate and then a hatch opened up behind the spider. Isaac jumped down the hatch.

Once he was down there, he was in a basement. He never knew that it was there in his house. His brain was going crazy. He thought he was seeing weird shadow monsters. Then another human came from a door in the basement and gave Isaac a miners hat and a pick axe.

Suddenly he got transported into the mines and he was surrounded by snakes and bats. He noticed that his pick axe had a tiny sword at the end of it. He used the pick axe to kill all the snakes and bats. Out of the corner of his eye, Isaac sees a shiny blue gem. It looked like it would be worth millions so he carefully put it in his pocket.

With a flash of light, he was teleported back to his house. He dashes through his house to find the ginormous spider and uses the pick axe to slice it into small pieces. His feet speed through the town, to the jewellery shop, where he sells the blue gem for millions.


  1. Hi Josh,

    I really want to complement you on the great ending you have created to the sentence fragment, "I looked around the room. Nothing seemed unusual, but then..."

    I was reading your story on the edge of my chair and wondering what was going to happen next. I like the fact that you added the concept of teleportation into the story. Do you often enjoy reading books where characters are teleported from one place and time to another? It is an idea that really intrigues me but I have yet to read any books that feature much, if any, teleportation.

    I am truly impressed by how well you have embraced all of the activities in the Summer Learning Journey and by how well you have done with the programme. Did you know that you are currently in 2nd place on the overall leader board for the summer blogging programme? I have posted your name on the leader board that is on the main Summer Learning Journey site.

    If you're interested in seeing who else is involved from your school, you can pop onto the site and look under the 'Participation and Awards' tab. You'll be able to see who is currently in 1st and 3rd place. If you keep up this rate of work you will certainly be in the running to place 1st overall for Pt England School. How exciting is that?!

    Keep up the great work, Josh. It's a pleasure to blog with you this summer:)


  2. Hey josh i really think that this is really cool! i also enjoy Minecraft. Cheers, William

  3. Interesting! I love teleportation stories! Cheers,Ryan

  4. i love mincraft!! i love your blog