Sunday, 24 January 2016

SLJ: Day 13 Activity 1 & 2

On a bank holiday in the United Kingdom I would go explore to see what I can do.  I might visit a park or some famous places.  I would have fish and chips to eat.

On Waitangi Day, I go for a walk with my family, have family time and go for a picnic.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    It sounds like you and your family have a really nice time on Waitangi Day. Our family also goes for a walk or a swim and has a nice picnic somewhere. We live on the west side of Auckland so we typically head out to the Waitakere Ranges. Have you ever been out to the west side of the city? I would highly recommend it as a destination for your family this Waitangi Day.

    (I also wanted to let you know that I loved the Waiting Day picture that you posted. It's stunning!)