Saturday, 30 April 2016

Washing my clothes

Today to help out Mum I have washed my clothes in the washing machine and then the dryer. I will then take it out soon, and put them away in my drawers.  My brother helped me with the washing machine to make sure I did it right.

Clean bedroom

Today I cleaned my bedroom because it would help my mum a lot so I cleaned all the dirty clothes... Then I put all items in the right spot.

Friday, 29 April 2016

New Clock

This Is Joshua's New Clock

Its Called "the spider clock"

the buttons are alarm and turn off and on

the middle 2 are -alarm time

and +alarm time

2 Days Left!

The holidays are almost ending! Only two days left. Work blog posts are very close to coming back. Just wait a bit more and they will appear back into my blog. I hope you are ready for more interesting school work!
Hope you enjoyed these memes!

Raisin Bread Breakfast

This sunny morning I decided to make breakfast for my brother. I made him raisin bread.
Raisin bread is a smaller slice of bread with raisins in it. I buttered it and then served it to my brother. This was kindness blog 6 I think...

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Holiday's ending

Hey guys! You're probably wondering where my school work blog posts are, they are coming back because the holidays are almost over. The holidays have been a good time of blogging about my time and what has happened in the holidays. School is coming back and all the work blog posts are coming back to my blog. I hope you enjoyed this little message about the holidays ending. There are still two days left though! 

Bike track

Yesterday I went to the bike track with my friends and family. I didn't have a bike so I just ran across the track. It was fun until I got tired and stopped running and sat down on a bench. I saw a insect so I got a grass piece and whapped it a lot. The insect wasn't getting hurt so I decided to trap it in a flower. That didn't work either and it escaped. Man I hate bugs.. Anyways I decided to run a bit more because I was ready for more and had lots of energy. This is a photo of the track.

On the gondola

Yesterday I went on the gondola with my family and friends. I was excited about the luge so much that I could have blown up my head.

The gondola ride was great, then we got our helmets. I had to have red because my head isn't that big. Red is a small size (second smallest) so I was kinda sad that I couldn't have a large one (green, second biggest). Anyways I got in line after a few minutes and I was so excited I was getting inpatient. Finally it was time to ride the luge, I had a quick tutorial and I drove off down the seinic track, it was pretty fun but there wasn't much action.

So after two tries on the seinic track I went down the intermediate. After a few seconds or minutes down the intermediate there was a split section, I chose left and there was a big drop, about 2 meters down! I had a bit of airtime but then we landed safely and got to the end. After a few more times on the luge we all lookek around the place. Then after a minute or two, we left down the gondola and went back to the cabins. Nighttime started and we went to KFC for some dinner. After we had dinner we went up the gondola and down in a cycle for about three times. Then we went back to the cabins and slept the night away.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Cabin in Rotorua

In Rotorua we got a cabin so we could wait for our friend Mitchell to play. We have waited a few hours and then we go to the gondola to meet them there. I have not gone to there yet because we are still waiting but it will be fun. Hope you enjoyed a little bit of my holidays.

Monday, 25 April 2016

The Nut Variety

Note: if you are looking for a story this is NOT the post for you.

Today I will be showing you some nuts you could find on certain trees. Here are some nuts that you can find under some tree types. I found these nuts at centennial drive walking Bobbie. (I would recommend reading the walking Bobbie post if you don't know who Bobbie is).

Chestnut Husk
Description: chestnuts are found inside a spiky husk that is like a porcupine that can harm things that step on them if they are not wearing footwear. Chestnuts are edible and have a side on them that are pretty flat.

Macadamia Nut Shell
Description: macadamia nuts are edible and come out of a soft shell that looks a bit like a kiwi fruit. Macadamia nuts are blackish purple and are very hard to find (where we looked at least).

Walnut Husk
Description: walnuts are a harder one to open up. Their husk is a shade of black and come out as a browny colour. Walnuts are edible as mostly said for macadamia and chestnuts.

Butternut Husk
Description: butternut comes from an American tree and is NOT edible. The butternut starts as a green kiwi fruit shape, then turns into a spiky macadamia shaped nut. 

Acorn Variety
Normal description: normal acorns are just normal acorns dropped from oak trees. Acorns are not edible to humans but are edible to animals.
Hatted description: hatted acorns are just acorns with little hats on them. We found a lot of hatted ones just look at how many! Hatted acorns also come from oak trees.
Acorn hat description: acorn hats are just hats for acorns, but can be worn on some sizes of fingers too!
Not hatted versions
Acorn hats and Hatted acorn versions
Mario acorn (toad head)

I hope you enjoyed reading about nuts!

Walking Bobbie

Today I went to walk my grandmother's dog named Bobbie. It was very cold outside but we walked in warm clothes. I got a turn to hold Bobbie's leash. I like walking Bobbie no matter what weather it is.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Games at the night

Last night I played Tri-ominos and some Scatter-gories and I did really good. I got second place for second time on Tri-ominos, and first place on my first. Scattergories wasn't my best luck though. I was pretty bad at it. Better luck next time!

Playing at the park

Yesterday I played on the park for a few minutes. I played on the swings and swung really high. I also went on the spider web and went really high. I just noticed I could have fallen but I went down bravely. This has been a short blog post because there wasn't much I could write.

Baking Muffins

Today I baked some chocolate chip muffins for my family. I started with the eggs and milk then I beated it up.
Then I started to put baking powder and flour together.
Then I did some other stuff but I don't really have photos for that so all I did was add the chocolate chips and sift the flour and baking powder down. I then put it in the tray then into the oven and waited. Kaboom! The muffins were done.
I hope you enjoyed!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Spider on the staircase

Tonight just before bedtime I saw a spider on the stairs. My brother wouldn't capture it, neither would my mom. My dad was the only person who was up for it. He took a cup and trapped the spider, then he opened the window and chucked out the spider and kept the cup. Then we all got back to what we were doing.

Coding on Code Combat

At school I code using a website named Code Combat. It is a coding game but you go through almost 500 levels.
Here is a few photos of a level.
I have already beaten this level, it's pretty easy if you think about it. Although if you think you might like this coding website you should try it out! It's free unless you want to buy the star levels for about seven dollars. Mostly I think that coding is pretty fun and you should try it if you think you are up for it. Have fun coding!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Playing with my friend

Today I have played with my friend named bobthenoobslayer20. We played Sandbox 1 and built this epic lab. We have taken a photo right next to some of our viruses we have captures over the last few months. 
Bob is a creative person. We have created so many things in the past few weeks. All I can say is Bob is one of the best online friends I have. Showing in the background is the noob virus level one. And also the boy guest virus level two. We also have a small bit of the testing chamber on the left.

McDonalds Dinner

Tonight we had a treat for dinner and went to McDonalds.  I had a triple cheeseburger, 10 chicken McBites, fries and an orange juice.  I also had a delicious hot fudge sundae.

After we finished eating, I volunteered to put away the rubbish because it is a kind thing to do so the people at McDonalds don't have to clean it up.

Checking my eyes

Today I needed to have my eyes tested again.  We went to Specsavers and had to wait an extremely long time.  When it was finally my turn I had to go into a little room and I had to look into a machine that had a picture of a hot air balloon flying over a road.  Then after a few seconds of that I went back to the testing room and look at some small letters on the wall and answer some questions.  After that I had to read some sentences from a laminated sheet.  The eye doctor was happy with my eyes but I had to get some tweaks made to my glasses so they don't fall off when I look down.  That took about fifteen minutes as they kept trying to get it perfect.  My glasses make it much better for me to see things.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Shellshock live

Today my dad let me get a new steam game. It is called Shellshock live. It is a gamer where there are tanks and they have an epic battle with deadly weapons. I have played it before but now, I have beaten a lot of missions and NPCs. I think that you people that like war out there should try it.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Holiday Ride

Today I went on a scooter with my dad and brother. We went to the park ( which is very close to us ) and had some fun. Then we went over to the shops to get some veggies and drinks. I chose a orange and apple flavoured juice carton. Then we went back home and continued a normal holiday day.

Kindness blog 4

Today in the morning I made some scrambled eggs for my brother. First thing was to crack the eggs and put them in a bowl. I have failed one of mine. Better luck next time! Anyways, if you want this with bread or toast, you should get that about at this point. But don't butter it.
Get a fork and stir the eggs around after putting in about a teaspoon of milk. And some salt.
Now butter your toast or bread.
Time for the hot part! Put the mixture into a pan about this size, then heat up the stove. Start moving the mixture around with a spatula once it starts solidifying. After it has become solid, but not too solid. Turn off the oven and bring it into a plate.
Now put the scrambled eggs onto the toast or bread. And your delicious breakfast is finished. Now serve it to somebody!
Hope you enjoyed reading about my kindness blog and my scrambled eggs recipe!
Remember you will need all the things I have mentioned!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Kindness blog 3

I have done my washing and put it away myself to be kind to my mom. I have put away most of my clothes

Kindness blog 2

For my second kindness act, I have made a coffee for my mom. First I had to put in the coffee grounds, then boil the water, put milk in the cup. Then plunge it so I could give it to my mom. Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Holiday Kindness Virus

Today at home, it was Saturday. I was going downstairs to play on my iPad, I watched YouTube and then, at about 8:30, it was time for some ROBLOX. I played some sandbox 1 because I had nothing else to do. When I had breakfast I decided to I wanted some eggs with some toast and rasin bread.  I asked Mum to make it for me but she said I should try myself.
I made it with my mum watching because I didn't want to get burnt. It was a yummy breakfast. After that I played some more sandbox 1.
Hope you enjoyed my second holiday blog post!

Friday, 15 April 2016

The Holidays Start

The holidays have now started. I am so excited to see what is going to happen. Today after school, my family celebrated with pizza. The pizza was delicious. After that I played some computer. I played ROBLOX on this game called Sandbox 1. I really like it because you get to build things and be creative. I have also been tested by this user named GoldenYoutube, I am giving a shoutout to you if you own that account. I have been inspired from GoldenYoutube to make my own quiz.