Monday, 25 April 2016

The Nut Variety

Note: if you are looking for a story this is NOT the post for you.

Today I will be showing you some nuts you could find on certain trees. Here are some nuts that you can find under some tree types. I found these nuts at centennial drive walking Bobbie. (I would recommend reading the walking Bobbie post if you don't know who Bobbie is).

Chestnut Husk
Description: chestnuts are found inside a spiky husk that is like a porcupine that can harm things that step on them if they are not wearing footwear. Chestnuts are edible and have a side on them that are pretty flat.

Macadamia Nut Shell
Description: macadamia nuts are edible and come out of a soft shell that looks a bit like a kiwi fruit. Macadamia nuts are blackish purple and are very hard to find (where we looked at least).

Walnut Husk
Description: walnuts are a harder one to open up. Their husk is a shade of black and come out as a browny colour. Walnuts are edible as mostly said for macadamia and chestnuts.

Butternut Husk
Description: butternut comes from an American tree and is NOT edible. The butternut starts as a green kiwi fruit shape, then turns into a spiky macadamia shaped nut. 

Acorn Variety
Normal description: normal acorns are just normal acorns dropped from oak trees. Acorns are not edible to humans but are edible to animals.
Hatted description: hatted acorns are just acorns with little hats on them. We found a lot of hatted ones just look at how many! Hatted acorns also come from oak trees.
Acorn hat description: acorn hats are just hats for acorns, but can be worn on some sizes of fingers too!
Not hatted versions
Acorn hats and Hatted acorn versions
Mario acorn (toad head)

I hope you enjoyed reading about nuts!

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