Monday, 18 April 2016

Kindness blog 4

Today in the morning I made some scrambled eggs for my brother. First thing was to crack the eggs and put them in a bowl. I have failed one of mine. Better luck next time! Anyways, if you want this with bread or toast, you should get that about at this point. But don't butter it.
Get a fork and stir the eggs around after putting in about a teaspoon of milk. And some salt.
Now butter your toast or bread.
Time for the hot part! Put the mixture into a pan about this size, then heat up the stove. Start moving the mixture around with a spatula once it starts solidifying. After it has become solid, but not too solid. Turn off the oven and bring it into a plate.
Now put the scrambled eggs onto the toast or bread. And your delicious breakfast is finished. Now serve it to somebody!
Hope you enjoyed reading about my kindness blog and my scrambled eggs recipe!
Remember you will need all the things I have mentioned!

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  1. Great blog post Josh. How kind to make scrambled eggs for your brother. I will be trying this recipe myself these holidays!