Friday, 18 April 2014

Benny and penny and the toy breaker

In a book that I read called penny and Benny and the toy breaker in this story there was Benny and penny we're making a map. Benny said it shows you how to find loot. Penny asked Benny "what is loot?" Loot is treasure GOLD! I have spoons to dig with and a pail to put dirt in.
Then their mummy called out PENNY BENNY COSIN BO IS HERE! Next Benny said to penny Quick hide all the toys! When everything was hidden except for monkey. Then Bo was right In front of them "hi guys! Where are all your toys?" Bo asked confused Benny lied to Bo "mommy took them to be cleaned" said Benny "ha ha! Your so funny" replied Bo then they played together forever because Bo didn't break a thing.


  1. I like the map - I can see more detail creeping into your pictures.
    Think about the difference between "your" and "you're" - which one do you mean to use?
    I do like that you have posted a book review in your holidays - well done buddy!
    How many posts are you going to do I wonder?

  2. I love how you've added your own interpretation to the story this time Josh! And your map is awesome - great job & happy Easter!! PS: You can have two more chocolates when you read this comment :)