Wednesday, 13 January 2016

SLJ: Day 4 Favourite Book

This is my favourite book because Nate gets a good luck charm and gets to be popular. He is in the zone to win a bet on athletics day. Marcus will never stop bullying Nate because he thinks he is the best, until Nate gets the lucky foot, which is a good luck charm.

This book was made by Lincoln Peirce.


  1. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for sharing this recommendation with us. I am not familiar with the work of Lincoln Pierce but I will certainly look him up after I finish this blog comment. It is great to be exposed to new authors and to discover interesting books to read. Have you read other stories by this same author? If so, how did you discover him?

    I am currently reading a novel by Frank McCourt called 'Angela's Ashes' and it is fascinating. It's definitely a book for adults as it deals with some very serious subject matter but it's really gripping. I would recommend it for your mom or dad. It's a biography (a story about the author's life) and he grew up in Ireland. It made me think of you as you are traveling to the United Kingdom and Ireland is positioned directly beside the UK. When I lived in the UK I had the opportunity to travel through the republic of Ireland and to spend a few days in Northern Ireland (Belfast) as well. It is a very beautiful country, very rural and remote in places. It actually reminded me a bit of the south island of New Zealand. We really are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country, aren't we?

    Hope that you have a great day and enjoy your time with your family before school starts again soon. It's exciting to think that you will be going into Year 5 in a couple of weeks. Are you looking forward to it?

    Take care and thanks again for the great book recommendation!


  2. I love the book too my dad reads it to me sometimes before I go to bed.It is so cool that other people like it to i thought no one did.

  3. i bought this book for my cousin for christmas and he says he loves it