Tuesday, 12 January 2016

SLJ Day 3: Kiwi's Packing

I chose 10 things out of kiwi's list and I have written them and a little blurb why I picked them.

Jersey - It will be winter in the UK so a jersey is important for keeping me warm
Socks - So I can wear my boots
Boots - To keep my feet warm
Togs/towel - In Case there is a spa pool in the motel
Snowsuit - For keeping warm
Phone - To talk to my friends back in NZ
Camera - To take pictures to bring back to NZ
Mittens - To keep my hands warm
Pants - So my legs don't freeze
T-shirt - To wear under my Jersey

1 comment:

  1. Kia ora Josh! I love the wordle that you created. It's so colourful and bold. I like dark, dramatic colours like the ones that you have chosen. I also love it that explained so clearly why you had packed various items. You have certainly been mindful of what you might need to withstand the cold temperatures. Great job!

    I also like that you considered the fact that you might stay somewhere with a spa pool and packed your togs! I always try to stay in accommodation where there is a pool or spa (if the budget allows!)

    When I checked The Weather Channel online (, I found that it was actually pretty warm in England (6 degrees) but very rainy. You may also wish to pack an umbrella and a rain jacket for your adventures.

    I'll look forward to checking in with you again tomorrow to see what you bring with you on the airplane to read. The activities for Day 4 involve discussions about great books that you have read. What are your favourite kinds of books to read? Do you have any that you could recommend for other students? We are also interested in what our students are reading!

    Bon voyage :)