Thursday, 21 January 2016

SLJ: Day 11 Bonus Activity

Six Months In A Leaky Boat Is The Song Here. I Like It Because Of The Beat Going On In The Backround.


  1. Hi Joshua, I have been listening to that song over the holidays too. Seemed just the right song on some of the rainy days we have been having!
    Congratulations on the flash new Blogging award I see on your side bar. You have done very well to earn that.

    See you when school starts

    Mrs Burt

    1. Thanks for the blogging award Mrs. Burt. I was surprised when I saw it
      From Josh

  2. OOOH I love this song too!! I will have the tune in my head for the rest of the day. I'm a kiwi, living in London and its so nice to have a reminder of home! Love these guys. Thanks for the post! Suzanne

  3. Hi Joshua,

    What a great song choice you made! Both Mrs Burt and Suzanne clearly like it and, even though I am from Canada, I have actually heard it as well. I was introduced to the Split Enz by some kiwi friends and I have become a real fan of them ever since. I actually had the chance to hear one of the former members of the Split Enz (Mike Chunn)host a benefit concert last year at the Auckland Town Hall and it was pretty cool to see him 'in person!'

    I will look forward to listening to this song as I continue to blog. Thanks for posting it!

    (I hope that you've noticed the flash new blogging award that was posted on your site by Mrs Burt. It was posted there because you have been an active participant in the Summer Learning Journey programme this year. Well done and keep up the great blogging!)


  4. Hi Joshua,

    This is great!! Like Suz, I am a Kiwi living overseas (I live in Germany) and it really is nice to have reminders of home. I too, will have this tune in my head for the rest of the day - as you say, it has a good beat! Thanks for posting.