Saturday, 16 January 2016

SLJ: Day 6 Activity 1

Crumpets and Tea are the closest things to what I have in NZ. But Instead, I would have orange juice because I am to young to have tea. Fry Up 1 looks delicious, but it only has about 2 things I have for breakfast. The Fry Up 2 Also has 2 things that I usualy have.

Both Fry Ups look fantastic, but the crumpets are one of my favourite breakfasts. So I would rather have the crumpets and tea. Out of the three breakfasts here, i would definetly have the crumpets.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    I would make the same choice that you made, although I would add in the tea because I really love it! I started to drink tea when I moved to England. Everyone that I knew who lived in Norwich (the English city where I was living) drank tea. They drank pots and pots of tea!

    At first I found it a bit strange that they drank so much tea but I soon grew used to it and started to do it myself. It seems to be quite common here in New Zealand to drink tea as well. At home before drink a lot more coffee than tea. Most of my friends like to make specialty coffees like cappuccino and espressos. Other friends like to drink hot chocolate but they never drink Milo because you can't find it in Canada.

    Do you like Milo?