Friday, 24 July 2015

Immersion Assembly 2

First thing in the morning, Pt England went to the assembly. It was an immersion assembly. an immersion assembly is an assembly where you have all the teams have a presentation. Our topic for this term is Trade and Enterprise. When we went in,  Mr Burt was being an auctioneer and was booming out “1 Dollar! Who Has 1 Dollar?! 4 Dollars! Who Has 4 Dollars?!” The children were the bidders.

Team three was my favourite because they made a catchy YMCA song. They said “ Y, M C A” “ Y, M C A” They had a surgeon, cowboy, builder, soldier and a policeman. And they asked the kids who wants to be what.

Team 1 was my other favourite because they threw chocolate money everywhere.  I also liked how they went to the market and bought stuff. I never knew there were donuts at that market! PS: I got some extra chocolate coins.

I felt very curious of what we were going to do for Trade and Enterprise. I also felt like the year was almost over already. Lets see what i do for term 3!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 8

On our last day in Australia we went to the airport.  The plane on the way home was different and the movies were broken.  I played on my iPad instead.

I had a lot of fun on the holiday and my favourite things were Seaworld and Waterworld.

Holiday Journal Day 5 and 6

We went up the Skyline Tower to the 77th floor.  It was a super fast elevator and only took 45 seconds to get to the top.  On the roof of the elevator there was a screen that was showing what was actually happening and what level you were on.  At the top we looked down at the beach and city.

After we came down from the tower we went shopping.  I bought a little koala and kangaroo toy to take home.   That night we went out for dinner and I had Golden Nuggets and an ice cream for dessert.

The next morning we went to Pancakes on the Rocks for breakfast.  I had buttermilk pancakes with sausages, grilled tomatoes and egg.  It was so big I couldn't eat it all.  Mum and I went to Pacific Fair which is a really big mall in Australia.  Shopping was pretty boring except I got some new googles and a kick board which I used that afternoon when we went to the pool.  It was fun swimming in the pool in the dark.

Holiday Journal Day 7

We went to Seaworld and the first thing we saw was penguins.  They were swimming and moving around their cage.  There was a detective seal show which was a little bit funny and the seals did some tricks and ate fish.  The dolphin show was cute and I really liked when they came really close and looked at us.  After some lunch, we saw some polar bears.  The first time we saw them they were swimming and playing with each other.  Later in the day when we saw them, the biggest polar bear was swimming and playing with a log of wood.  He came up really close to the glass window.

My brother and I played on the wipeout maze.  It was very very long and you had to do some climbing so you were up very high.  There was a pool full of stingrays and you could touch them on their sides.  They looked like they had wings as they swam through the pool.  At first I was little scared to touch them and started with the baby ones.  I jumped whenever they came up close but I did touch the big ones by the end of the day.

My favourite thing was the dolphin show which we saw two times.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 4

We went to water world.  I went to the Wiggle Bay Area and there were four water slides.  Each slide was a different speed and shape.  I liked the purple slide best because it was fast and bendy.  Also at the water park there was a cave wave pool.  I sat in a round donut and every 15 minutes the waves came crashing through the pool and I rode the waves to the beach.  There was a big wave that covered me in water and pushed me fast to the beach.

When water world closed we went back to Dreamworld, watched the tiger show and I went on some more rides.  It was cool when the tiger climbed the tree to eat the chicken and then slowly climbed backwards down the tree.  My favourite ride today was the giggle and hoot which went up and down and wiggled me around.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 3

We went to Tambourine Mountain National Park.  The first thing we did was a Skywalk.  It is like a walk on a bridge and it is very high up.  The bridge wriggled as you walked on it.  You could see the tops of all the trees.

We had a picnic lunch and while we were eating a wild turkey came to see us.  After lunch we walked down to the waterfalls.  You could sit on the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall.  I put my hand in the water and it was freezing.  We went in a different bush walk and found a geocache in the roots of a big tree.  We had fish and chips for dinner at the end of the day.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 2

Yesterday we drove to Dreamworld. It is a theme park where you can have an amazing day.  My favourite part of the day was the teacup ride which spun me around and around.  Throughout the day we went on some great rides including vintage cars, the Dreamworld train, flying pigs and bumper cars.

I got to see kangaroos, dingos and pat a koala bear.  I also saw snakes and a big spider which I didn't like so much.  We saw the Madagascar show while I ate a big ice cream and I then had a ride in a big red boat.

The sun was starting to set and it got quite dark by the time we left Dreamworld but I had a perfect day.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 1

Yesterday I went on a plane that brought us to Australia and it was very scary because we were so high up.  On the plane were mini TVs that you could play games or watch movies on.  I played puzzle games and watched Phineas and Ferb.  I got fruit salad and muesli with milk about three quarters through and it was very tasty.

When we landed it was very very weird.  I have never gone to another country before.  We went to the shops and after that we went for lunch.  Next we went to the beach and I made a volcano with my brother.  On our way back I saw a bird with a long beak.  It was an ibis.

After we went to the apartment and chilled for a few minutes.  Then we went to the pool.  There are multiple kinds of pools.  There is a baby pool, an adult pool, a spa, and a waterfall too.  The spa was warm and some of the other pools were very cold.  It gets dark at 5pm right now in Australia.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Miss Thompson Is Leaving The Pavillion!

Miss Thompson Is Leaving The Pavillion! All Class 12 And 11 Will Miss Her Alot!
Here Is My Picture Of Everyone Crying And Miss Thompson Smiling.