Friday, 24 July 2015

Immersion Assembly 2

First thing in the morning, Pt England went to the assembly. It was an immersion assembly. an immersion assembly is an assembly where you have all the teams have a presentation. Our topic for this term is Trade and Enterprise. When we went in,  Mr Burt was being an auctioneer and was booming out “1 Dollar! Who Has 1 Dollar?! 4 Dollars! Who Has 4 Dollars?!” The children were the bidders.

Team three was my favourite because they made a catchy YMCA song. They said “ Y, M C A” “ Y, M C A” They had a surgeon, cowboy, builder, soldier and a policeman. And they asked the kids who wants to be what.

Team 1 was my other favourite because they threw chocolate money everywhere.  I also liked how they went to the market and bought stuff. I never knew there were donuts at that market! PS: I got some extra chocolate coins.

I felt very curious of what we were going to do for Trade and Enterprise. I also felt like the year was almost over already. Lets see what i do for term 3!

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