Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 7

We went to Seaworld and the first thing we saw was penguins.  They were swimming and moving around their cage.  There was a detective seal show which was a little bit funny and the seals did some tricks and ate fish.  The dolphin show was cute and I really liked when they came really close and looked at us.  After some lunch, we saw some polar bears.  The first time we saw them they were swimming and playing with each other.  Later in the day when we saw them, the biggest polar bear was swimming and playing with a log of wood.  He came up really close to the glass window.

My brother and I played on the wipeout maze.  It was very very long and you had to do some climbing so you were up very high.  There was a pool full of stingrays and you could touch them on their sides.  They looked like they had wings as they swam through the pool.  At first I was little scared to touch them and started with the baby ones.  I jumped whenever they came up close but I did touch the big ones by the end of the day.

My favourite thing was the dolphin show which we saw two times.

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