Friday, 10 July 2015

Holiday Journal Day 4

We went to water world.  I went to the Wiggle Bay Area and there were four water slides.  Each slide was a different speed and shape.  I liked the purple slide best because it was fast and bendy.  Also at the water park there was a cave wave pool.  I sat in a round donut and every 15 minutes the waves came crashing through the pool and I rode the waves to the beach.  There was a big wave that covered me in water and pushed me fast to the beach.

When water world closed we went back to Dreamworld, watched the tiger show and I went on some more rides.  It was cool when the tiger climbed the tree to eat the chicken and then slowly climbed backwards down the tree.  My favourite ride today was the giggle and hoot which went up and down and wiggled me around.

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