Thursday, 30 April 2015

Anzac Dawn Parade

 While it was still pitch black before dawn broke there was the dawn parade at auckland museum. This is a event for ANZAC ( Anzac Ode: they shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old: nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning. We will remember them. ) 

thousands ( maby millions ) of people went there to see what happens. they listened respectfully to the anzac ode and the sound of the bugle. it was very chilly air out at almost morning.

More than a thousand people stood silently as crowds gathered

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Knowledge Joshua Week Two

1. Fill in the missing boxes on the table





Joshua Problem Solving Week Two

Problem solving
Don’t forget you can use your topic book to help
you work out your answers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 8.39.32 AM.png

Question 1
Explain your answer: 7x5 = 35

Question 2
Explain your answer: 7x2 = 14

Question 3
Explain your answer: 5x10 = 50

Thursday, 23 April 2015

School-Made Puzzle

This evening, my family had dinner and did a puzzle that I made at school on Wednesday.  It was about my favorite game called Roblox.  My brother did the puzzle first and it took him about 3 minutes.  He rated it medium difficulty.  Then my Mum did the puzzle and it took her about 1 minute and 30 seconds and she rated it medium to hard.  They gave me some great suggestions for my next puzzle. I took some photos of them doing my puzzle.

Immersion Assembley

On Monday as soon as I walked into the hall I saw people baking and giving out carrot sticks. My classes ( 11/12 ) sat down and Mr Burt shouted out loud,  “Tinkering tools & toys”  because this was the topic for term two. I got a sandwich, celery and a carrot stick.
This was a immersion assembly the topic was all about technology. Team 5 were marching “hup two three five” “hup two three five”  and they stopped in front of the stage. They saluted and the leader bellowed orders loud and strong.
Each soldier stepped up briskly straight and tall. I liked Team 4 because they were making a game Mr S avoided obstacles. He found an opponent and he stabbed the opponent and kept going.
But he found the hardest opponent the fishy person! he tried to avoid but the fishy person hit Mr S with the fish and Mr S died. The fish crept closer and closer to the screen and it looked us in the eye. The Immersion assebly was fun because there was a hoverboard and healthy things to remeber.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Own Kazoo

Today we went to Mr Blakey’s Class for a rotation. We were making kazoos they make cool noises we needed 1 long rubber band, 2 short rubber bands, 2 craft sticks, sellotape and construction paper. We made it quickly and helped and shared with each other.

firstly, we got 2 craft sticks and surrounded them with construction paper and secured that with sellotape.

Secondly, you carefully take one of the craft sticks out and put it aside.

Next you put the long rubber band in like ------- not upwards.

Then you put the other craft stick that you took off and put it on top of the rubber band.

Finally you put the small rubber bands behind the peices of paper twist them four times.

Then you have your own kazoo!

If it dosent make sound put a tiny ball of paper inside the kazoo.

Now you have a working kazoo.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Holiday Chart

This is what I did in the holidays ( up to 20 )

Gaming: 8

Geocashing: 3

Blogging: 9

Eating: 7

YouTube Watching: 9

Minecraft: 1

Roblox: 17

Roblox building: 20

Playing with roblox Freinds: 18

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Kero The Hero

Meet Kero the hero, he is a superhero that only fights on land not water or air just the ground. I'll show you how he fights
He is fighting a fork such a weird cat.
Suddenly, the fork attacks!
He attacks again!
Uh oh! He stabbed kero!
Uh oh! He sends minions but kero attacks with a tail whip!
Turns into Pokemon
Tim fork & Joey fork wants to battle!
Tim fork & Joey fork send out Joey fork!
What should kero do?
Tail whip     Quick attack
Kero uses quick attack!
Kero gets hurt and uses tail whip!

It did not effect!
What should kero use

New!: rage attack      Quick attack         Tail whip
Kero uses rage attack!

It hits 4 times!   -15 HP but it hurts kero from all the rage!

Fork Joey     35 HP           Kero         65 HP
What should kero do?

Finishing move.       Quick attack.      Rage attack.        Tail whip

Kero does a combo finishing move! Tail whip + quick attack!

Fork Joey fainted!

Kero has won the battle!

Friday, 17 April 2015

Sheppard the superhero Pt2

...From last time you saw sheppard fight the grass
In this part, I am showing you what happened at the end of pt1

The grass turned invisible and formed into a hurricane!

Sheppard tries to attack but he can't see it! He thinks to himself: I think this will go away in 150s (game time) so he runs away... But he crashes into a brick of debrie and he gets hurt he bleeds but it stops then.. The tornado turns green!
He realizes that different tornados are put in one, he knows that: green= Apocolayps.   White= hurricane. Black= blindness. So he runs away but every bit of grass ( not tornado because tornado is always grass ) turns into a zombie! He tries to run but the zombies just kept coming! He stops he turns and he jumps on top on the zombies jumps onto a sky block ( floats ) and he is safe. But then........
Uh oh! It's the deadliest one! The blindness tornado this one spawns mini grim reapers makes people blind and worst of all... He spawns the REAL grim reaper. Sheppard tries to run but he is blind, everything creeps up on him and........ He jumps he ducks... He turns around grabs a sword and fights now this is bad because if he fights the grim reaper he gets poisoned and slowed down so he only fights the mini ones. When he kills them all. He fights grim reaper but with a different sword he fights with the red blood sword that kills anything so they fight... And fight... And fight... Until............
It turns back into normal grass

And after all, all of that was a dream.

( menacing voice ) MWUHAHAHAHAHA

to be continued with another superhero

Shepperd the superhero Pt 1

Meet sheppard, my best freind he is a superhero and I want to show you how. Sheppard got his name from a sheep and a sheppard. Here is some photos of him being a hero.
Normal Animal.
Ghost animal ( turns everything gray )
Attacking the grass ( instead of eating he attacks )
The grass gets damaged!
The grass attacks back!
He attacks again!
The grass gets damaged again and sheppard gets choked!
Sheppard attacks for the last time and...... ( see pt 2 to watch ending )

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Chippy The Superhero

Chippy was made from a hospital. I got him from taking my tonsils out. Chippy got his name because in minecraft there is a chipmunk that's the same colours as him and I name my chipmunk chippy in minecraft. Chippy can be a hero. He has a lot of diiferent poses and powers.
Normal Chippy
Nom nom nom!
Evil Bananas Fight Back!

Chippy Peels The foe!
Chippy eats him for dinner!
Chippy is full!
Power: ghost mode!
Chippy says "Bye!"

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sandbox 1

Yesterday I played on a game called roblox. It has over 500 games in it. I played sandbox 1, it's a cool game because you get to build whatever you want I built a "find the teleporter" game. It looks like this
Outside of it.
Level one: tricky trees
Level two: blindness
Level three: fireboy and water girl ( must have two players to do )
That's all.

Monday, 13 April 2015

How the Lego movie was

The Lego movie was awesome. The only thing I didn't like was how the clouds got blown up because if no clouds are there, the whole world will be sunny forever! But it was just a tale. This was awesome because it was cool
My favrioute are emmet, batman, captain Metal beard.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Lego Movie

Tonight 3/4 of my family are going to watch the Lego movie. We are having popcorn and I get to stay up super late ( depends on how long movie is ) and the Lego movie is AWESOME
This is a picture of the cover

Builders Workshop Mod For Minecraft

  This evening I got a new mod called Builders Workshop Mod it allows you to make your own sets of armor. Here are some photos of what I made.
Arms A body, a ring of lasers, a hammer, a builders hat, a shovel, a Pickaxe, glasses and a fist.

These Thing can be: weapon or a head.guess in the comments. Hint:there is no tools box: these items are cool because say if you hold a diamond sword for example whatever you have equipped the diamond sword will change into. If you are a girl go down one space.

For you girls, there is a skirt box so you just click skirt and make a skirt on your minecraft body.

Equip these items that you made by pressing "P" on your key board and it will pop up with an interface. The sword is the weapons box, the cape looking thing is the skirt box, the face box is the head box, the body box is the body box, ect ect.

To make a self made armor, you just simply go on page two in creative then go to the metal box looking thing, and place it. Now you R click on the box and It will come up with another interface in this one you click on the thing you need to build: legs, body, arms, ect ect and you click it and go out and look at the sculpture in the air it should change to what you selected. Now you need colors so you get a color mixer out of the "builders workshop" tab you place it, and you right click. This is where you make colors, you just simply right click it then it will ask what color you want just bring the arrows to what color you want you need a brush/roller and put it in the top box of the two boxes in like a fractions thing and it will come out the other as the color you selected.

With the brush/roller you simply put a white block down from the tab and you place it then with the brush, you simply right clik the white block. That's how you use this mod.

Friday, 10 April 2015


Today I went to jump with my cousins we stayed for 1 hour they stayed for about 50 minutes. At jump there is 5 different trampolines. A basket ball hoop that's about 1m 60cm high. A leap of foam where you jump from low or high area to dive into the foamy pit. Now here's a cool thing, there's a rope that you swing on (recommended for 8-20) and you swing all the way once then the other time you swing off like wipeout. Next to the foamy pit there is a advanced wall (recommended for 16-24) where you jump onto the wall. There is also a dodgeball arena where 9 on 9 dodge and throw balls at each other. There is a free running area where you just do what it says in the name.
Coming back for a 360!
Getting my red soft crystal!
Having fun with my nice brother