Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Own Kazoo

Today we went to Mr Blakey’s Class for a rotation. We were making kazoos they make cool noises we needed 1 long rubber band, 2 short rubber bands, 2 craft sticks, sellotape and construction paper. We made it quickly and helped and shared with each other.

firstly, we got 2 craft sticks and surrounded them with construction paper and secured that with sellotape.

Secondly, you carefully take one of the craft sticks out and put it aside.

Next you put the long rubber band in like ------- not upwards.

Then you put the other craft stick that you took off and put it on top of the rubber band.

Finally you put the small rubber bands behind the peices of paper twist them four times.

Then you have your own kazoo!

If it dosent make sound put a tiny ball of paper inside the kazoo.

Now you have a working kazoo.

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