Thursday, 23 April 2015

Immersion Assembley

On Monday as soon as I walked into the hall I saw people baking and giving out carrot sticks. My classes ( 11/12 ) sat down and Mr Burt shouted out loud,  “Tinkering tools & toys”  because this was the topic for term two. I got a sandwich, celery and a carrot stick.
This was a immersion assembly the topic was all about technology. Team 5 were marching “hup two three five” “hup two three five”  and they stopped in front of the stage. They saluted and the leader bellowed orders loud and strong.
Each soldier stepped up briskly straight and tall. I liked Team 4 because they were making a game Mr S avoided obstacles. He found an opponent and he stabbed the opponent and kept going.
But he found the hardest opponent the fishy person! he tried to avoid but the fishy person hit Mr S with the fish and Mr S died. The fish crept closer and closer to the screen and it looked us in the eye. The Immersion assebly was fun because there was a hoverboard and healthy things to remeber.

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