Saturday, 18 April 2015

Kero The Hero

Meet Kero the hero, he is a superhero that only fights on land not water or air just the ground. I'll show you how he fights
He is fighting a fork such a weird cat.
Suddenly, the fork attacks!
He attacks again!
Uh oh! He stabbed kero!
Uh oh! He sends minions but kero attacks with a tail whip!
Turns into Pokemon
Tim fork & Joey fork wants to battle!
Tim fork & Joey fork send out Joey fork!
What should kero do?
Tail whip     Quick attack
Kero uses quick attack!
Kero gets hurt and uses tail whip!

It did not effect!
What should kero use

New!: rage attack      Quick attack         Tail whip
Kero uses rage attack!

It hits 4 times!   -15 HP but it hurts kero from all the rage!

Fork Joey     35 HP           Kero         65 HP
What should kero do?

Finishing move.       Quick attack.      Rage attack.        Tail whip

Kero does a combo finishing move! Tail whip + quick attack!

Fork Joey fainted!

Kero has won the battle!

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  1. I like the detail and imagination you have put into your Superhero's series Josh! I can tell you have enjoyed creating it and I love the descriptions you have written! I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next in your series.