Sunday, 12 April 2015

Builders Workshop Mod For Minecraft

  This evening I got a new mod called Builders Workshop Mod it allows you to make your own sets of armor. Here are some photos of what I made.
Arms A body, a ring of lasers, a hammer, a builders hat, a shovel, a Pickaxe, glasses and a fist.

These Thing can be: weapon or a head.guess in the comments. Hint:there is no tools box: these items are cool because say if you hold a diamond sword for example whatever you have equipped the diamond sword will change into. If you are a girl go down one space.

For you girls, there is a skirt box so you just click skirt and make a skirt on your minecraft body.

Equip these items that you made by pressing "P" on your key board and it will pop up with an interface. The sword is the weapons box, the cape looking thing is the skirt box, the face box is the head box, the body box is the body box, ect ect.

To make a self made armor, you just simply go on page two in creative then go to the metal box looking thing, and place it. Now you R click on the box and It will come up with another interface in this one you click on the thing you need to build: legs, body, arms, ect ect and you click it and go out and look at the sculpture in the air it should change to what you selected. Now you need colors so you get a color mixer out of the "builders workshop" tab you place it, and you right click. This is where you make colors, you just simply right click it then it will ask what color you want just bring the arrows to what color you want you need a brush/roller and put it in the top box of the two boxes in like a fractions thing and it will come out the other as the color you selected.

With the brush/roller you simply put a white block down from the tab and you place it then with the brush, you simply right clik the white block. That's how you use this mod.

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