Friday, 17 April 2015

Sheppard the superhero Pt2

...From last time you saw sheppard fight the grass
In this part, I am showing you what happened at the end of pt1

The grass turned invisible and formed into a hurricane!

Sheppard tries to attack but he can't see it! He thinks to himself: I think this will go away in 150s (game time) so he runs away... But he crashes into a brick of debrie and he gets hurt he bleeds but it stops then.. The tornado turns green!
He realizes that different tornados are put in one, he knows that: green= Apocolayps.   White= hurricane. Black= blindness. So he runs away but every bit of grass ( not tornado because tornado is always grass ) turns into a zombie! He tries to run but the zombies just kept coming! He stops he turns and he jumps on top on the zombies jumps onto a sky block ( floats ) and he is safe. But then........
Uh oh! It's the deadliest one! The blindness tornado this one spawns mini grim reapers makes people blind and worst of all... He spawns the REAL grim reaper. Sheppard tries to run but he is blind, everything creeps up on him and........ He jumps he ducks... He turns around grabs a sword and fights now this is bad because if he fights the grim reaper he gets poisoned and slowed down so he only fights the mini ones. When he kills them all. He fights grim reaper but with a different sword he fights with the red blood sword that kills anything so they fight... And fight... And fight... Until............
It turns back into normal grass

And after all, all of that was a dream.

( menacing voice ) MWUHAHAHAHAHA

to be continued with another superhero

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