Friday, 10 April 2015


Today I went to jump with my cousins we stayed for 1 hour they stayed for about 50 minutes. At jump there is 5 different trampolines. A basket ball hoop that's about 1m 60cm high. A leap of foam where you jump from low or high area to dive into the foamy pit. Now here's a cool thing, there's a rope that you swing on (recommended for 8-20) and you swing all the way once then the other time you swing off like wipeout. Next to the foamy pit there is a advanced wall (recommended for 16-24) where you jump onto the wall. There is also a dodgeball arena where 9 on 9 dodge and throw balls at each other. There is a free running area where you just do what it says in the name.
Coming back for a 360!
Getting my red soft crystal!
Having fun with my nice brother

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  1. I didn't know this place existed! It sounds like a great place to spend time in the holidays. You have created a really interesting post here Josh and the people who I have been showing it to in California like it too.

    Mrs Burt