Thursday, 21 January 2016

SLJ: Day 10 Activity 1 & 2

This is me going to kick the rugby ball. I am running as fast as I can.
I am playing rugby because you get a good excerise.

One of my other favourite sports is high jump, my sporting hero plays long jump.
His name is Glenn Howard his record for high jump is 2.30.

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  1. Hi :)

    I absolutely LOVE this post. I especially love the picture that you posted of yourself running to kick a rugby ball. How did you capture this photo? Did Braeden take it?

    I also love that you listed Glenn Howard as one of your favourite athletes. I must admit that I was a bit confused at first because we have a very famous athlete from Canada who is also named Glenn Howard but he is a curler. (And I think that you might have actually pasted a picture of the Canadian Glenn Howard onto your blog above instead of the New Zealand-based Glenn Howard. The man pictured in your blog looks a little bit too old to be a high jumper :))

    Either way, I wasn't at all familiar with the Glenn Howard from New Zealand so I went to Google and read about him.

    I read that he competed for New Zealand in high jump at the 2000 Olympics where he tied for 27th place. That's really cool!

    Do you have the chance to compete in high jump at your school? I used to compete in the high jump championship every year at my school but I wasn't particularly good at it. My younger sister, Leigh, was a much better track and field (athletics) athlete than me!