Sunday, 24 January 2016

SLJ: Day 14 Activity 1 & 2

Out of the five popular places in the UK I would choose to go to the London Eye, because it looks like a big eye and its the biggest ferris  wheel i've ever seen.
  1. Big Ben – Largest clock tower in England
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  1. Stonehenge – An ancient circle of stones
  1. London Eye – Largest ferris wheel in England
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  1. Buckingham Palace – Home of the royal family in London
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  1. Twickenham Stadium – Largest rugby stadium in the country
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These are some popular places in New Zealand.


Sky Tower, Auckland*
This can be found in Auckland, stands 1,076 feet high and the tallest building in New Zealand. Here you can do a lot of things like take a walk around the SkyWalk at 629 feet or take a glass elevator to one of the three viewing platforms, book a table at Orbit; a revolving restaurant. You can also try bungee jumping off their 629 foot pergola.
One Tree Hill*
Image result for one tree hill NZ placeThis is one of the tallest volcanic peaks in the city of Auckland. Known as the This Māungakiekie, it is also a sacred memorial ground for the Maori settlers. It used to have a single totara tree at the top but in the late 1800’s it was replaced by a pine tree. In the end of the 20th century the tree was attacked and destroyed twice and currently does have a tree.
The Beehive
Image result for The BeehiveThis building is located in Wellington and New Zealand’s parliament building. It stands as the national symbol of the country. This 10-story building was designed by a Scottish architect in a shape of an actual beehive. Found here are the offices of the Prime Minister and offices of the other cabinet members.
KaikouraImage result for kaikoura
This small coastal town on the South Island is a haven for seafood lovers. You can spot fur seals, dolphins, sperm whales and albatrosses off the shore, then indulge in a feast of fresh crayfish, mussels, blue cod and more. Land lovers can take a wilderness walk through the untamed and dramatic Kaikoura forest.
Rotorua*Image result for Rotorua
Rotorua is known as the thermal wonderland of New Zealand. There are numerous geysers and hot springs in and around the city. Many of these are in parks and reserves. Natural eruptions of steam, hot water and mud occasionally occur in new locations. Nearby Wai-O-Tapu is also a popular tourist attraction with many hot springs noted for their colorful appearance, in addition to the Lady Knox Geyser.


  1. W ow you have done a lot of exploring famous places Josh. Good for you. I have been to all those places so am very lucky. I recommend Stonehenge if you ever get the chance to go to the UK. You would enjoy it!

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Josh,

    I agree with Mrs Burt. I have heard wonderful things about Stonehenge. Unfortunately, when I was living in the United Kingdom I wasn't able to get there and I have always regretted it. It is definitely on my 'hit list' of places to visit if I am lucky enough to go back to the UK in the future. Fingers crossed!!

    I will also do my very best to get to each of the five place that you listed for New Zealand. I am particularly keen to get to Kaikoura as I heard that it is very stunning. Have you been down to the south island with your family? It is a very striking part of the country. I can still remember how amazed I felt when I first drove through the southern alps. I had never seen anything like it!

    Thanks for taking the time to do such a great job with this activity, Josh. You have given me the urge to get out and explore my own backyard (i.e. New Zealand).