Tuesday, 29 April 2014

We got home and played terraria

Yesterday we got home and played terraria me and my brother went in different worlds we got iron skin potions shurkins throwing knifes lesser healing potions. And cabbage it said it would spawn a pet guinupig. So I taped the screen while holding it and… POOF a pet guinupig pop up on my screen. "WOW" I thought. He could fly and he could run fast then we went to face skeletron. He is a boss we've been fighting him for like 5 days and still couldn't beat him. next we tryed Lepus he is a bunny that lays eggs little eggs hatch diseaster bunny big eggs hatch MORE Lepuss so you have to kill them little ones arent threatening but they do lots of damage


  1. Wow Josh, you have me somewhat captivated and somewhat confused.
    This game sounds incredibly difficult.
    What are your pictures of?

  2. If they are guinea pigs, they can do with more hair :)

  3. josh i really like your pictuer and the efort you pu in to it well done