Thursday, 28 April 2016

On the gondola

Yesterday I went on the gondola with my family and friends. I was excited about the luge so much that I could have blown up my head.

The gondola ride was great, then we got our helmets. I had to have red because my head isn't that big. Red is a small size (second smallest) so I was kinda sad that I couldn't have a large one (green, second biggest). Anyways I got in line after a few minutes and I was so excited I was getting inpatient. Finally it was time to ride the luge, I had a quick tutorial and I drove off down the seinic track, it was pretty fun but there wasn't much action.

So after two tries on the seinic track I went down the intermediate. After a few seconds or minutes down the intermediate there was a split section, I chose left and there was a big drop, about 2 meters down! I had a bit of airtime but then we landed safely and got to the end. After a few more times on the luge we all lookek around the place. Then after a minute or two, we left down the gondola and went back to the cabins. Nighttime started and we went to KFC for some dinner. After we had dinner we went up the gondola and down in a cycle for about three times. Then we went back to the cabins and slept the night away.

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