Monday, 4 April 2016

5/6 Camp PES 2016

Walt: organise my ideas into paragraphs and link them together.
If you want to know what I did on camp, well this writing post is for you. I went to camp on Tuesday a few weeks/days ago, and I was excited as a miner finding diamonds. I had a huge bag full of the necessary items for it.

On 2016 Last week all of the year ⅚ went to camp, and I was a year 5, that means I get to go again next year! Have you ever slept in a tent before? Camp is for having a break from learning and to have fun.

When it was the first day of camp, I tried finding my tent with Justice my friend but they were not labeled. I went to the gazebo to hear what activity was up for my group named the “Kind Krushers”. First, Mr Somerville said that we were gonna do top town first.
Then, the amazing race. Amazing race was my favourite activity in camp. It was an activity race. After next few days and nights, we went into our tents after the fun day, all of a sudden a few branches fell, everybody started squealing, and I broke out of the best dream ever and brought my sleeping bag with me to the library. I was very scared and confused because I didn’t hear the snap.

Altogether camp was very fun. I think that there should be no problem in future camps. Because everything was top notch. I liked camp a lot, I think my friends did too. I would recommend camping because it's very fun That clears up about everything about my camp. Hope you enjoyed!

Task desc: I have been told to recount my 2016 camp. It is about 5 paragraphs long. Camp is fun and I would recommend it if you have the time.

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  1. I'm glad you had a great time at camp Josh and I enjoyed reading about it in your blog post! It sure is great that you get to go to camp again next year. I think the Amazing Race activity would be one of my favourites too!