Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non-Stop Cricket

On Thursday, class 11 and 12 lined up to play non-stop-cricket. We went down to the field and it was already set up.

I was batting first, I was ready to make the ball fly. My first hit… well, it only went one meter. But then my next try it went FLYING! It was accelerating in the air and I sprinted back and forwards so I could get points for my team. I was energetic so I could run very very fast.

Then I was fielding next, I saw a ball in the air, but it was far from me, and it almost bonked someone on the head. Another one went straight past me, Deavay and I were racing for it. Deavay got there first and grabbed it, I almost risked stumbling for nothing. I was a little sad because I couldn’t get a ball.
Non-stop cricket was pretty cool, I didn’t know I would like cricket. And I want to do it again.

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