Saturday, 10 October 2015

My Holidays.

The holidays are nearly over and I did some really exciting things that I want to share.

Visiting my Grandma

The first exciting thing I did was go to my Grandmas house.  It was a two hour drive so we needed to pack a few things for our trip.  When we went we saw lots of cars and went on the motorway.  After a few minutes of driving we came to McDonalds.  My Mum bought me a Cheeseburger and fries to eat while we were driving.  Me and my brother were chomping on our food while we were driving.  I got a little bit carsick when I was finishing my burger in the car. 1 hour later we arrived.

While I was at my Grandmas house I played with my cousins.  We were having fun and then we got to have a very special buffet lunch.  I got to make spongecake with Grandma and it was yummy.  Grandma and Grandad took us for lots of walks and I got to walk their dog.  We played lots of board games like Beatle, Candyland, Tri-ominos and Topple.  We stayed at Grandmas for three days and it was fun.

The Sleepover

On Saturday my cousins came over to have a sleepover with me.  We played Guess Who and Trivial Pursuit.  We also played hide and seek and tag around the house which was very noisy.  We all went to Denny's for dinner and I got a giant oversize hot dog and an Orbits of Oreo sundae.

The Zoo

The next morning we went to the zoo.  I wanted to see rabbits but there were none.  I did get to see my second favourite animal, guinea pigs.  I also saw meerkats which was pretty cool.  The elephant was putting dirt on himself and spraying water.  I liked the giraffe but they were a long way away.  We went to the Tarantula because that was what I also wanted to see most.  But sadly when we looked into the glass cage there was no sign of it.  Then we went to the zoo playground for a bit and I wanted to go back to see if I could find it with my dad.  When we looked back in the cage we shined a little bit of light in it and saw the Tarantula legs sticking out from under the log.  I was very happy because I really wanted to see it and I did.

I've had a good holidays but I really want to see my friends so I'm looking forward to going back to school on Monday.


  1. Grandma must have loved the visit from her grandchildren! I am also sure she has enjoyed the quiet time now you have all gone home!
    The elephant is probably my favourite zoo animal - I think Burma's new friend, Anjalee, is very cute.
    I too am looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday too.
    Enjoy your last day of holidays Josh.
    Miss King

  2. Great job telling us about the best part of your holidays! It sure sounds like you enjoyed it Josh.