Thursday, 29 October 2015



Today I went to athletics with class 11 and 12. When we got there, some other teachers were there too.

I was throwing first, I flung the sock through the air and it bashed into the ground next to the cone. Then Aymon’s turn was up and he thrusted the ball. Accelerating in the air the ball hit the ground, our team got second place for that round! After Deavay’s turn, it was Bethan’s turn to throw, I was shouting “go Bethan go Bethan!” And she boosted the sock in the air.

Basketball was next, we were split into two groups. When it was my turn, I threw the ball, and it missed, better luck next time! After everyone else's turn, I threw it again, but it missed, some people are not good at basketball okay? Then we got in a line to go to the next activity.

Bag Jumps were last, I prounced in the air to the cone, went round it, and came back. Then it was another person’s turn. My turn came up again and I thought “second time's a charm!” But then I fell over, must of been third time's a charm.

After the bag jumps, we all went back to class, I like athletics, but I want to go to morning tea to play with my friends and be happy.

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