Monday, 19 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

On Monday, Pt england went to an immersion assembly. I was excited about what our topic was for term 4. Our topic was about the animal that was extinct about 67 million years ago, the dinosaur.

Team 1.
Team 1 was my favorite movie out of all of them. It was a movie about the zoo and animals. They also did a karaoke challenge with the song roar. I liked this one because my favorite song was roar and I like the zoo.

Team 2.
Team 2 was funny, the teachers were running away from dinosaurs. They were just pictures, not in real life. If you thought it was in real life then you're crazy. I liked their movie because it was very creative.

Team 3.
Team 3 also known as my team. My team did a movie about disco dinosaurs, here are some of the names. Bossaraptor, Muscleosaurus, Karakaraptor and Manosaurus. There were more, but I can't remember their names. It was the best because they were dancing to the music and they were playing peek-a-boo at the start. This team was my second favourite.

Mr Burt
Mr Burt clapped to the last team and then played his own movie about a parrot that didn’t adapt.
I can’t tell you that story because I forgot all about it. After the movie, Mr Burt announced the winners for the blog post challenge. Surprisingly I was one of them, and I won a movie voucher!

The immersion assembly was awesome, I loved it to bits. I think that I will have a good term learning about dinosaurs. Because everyone loves dinosaurs.

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