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The Demonosaurus was a dinosaur that lived in the Triassic Period. His name means “dino of the underworld.” It has this name because it is a T-rex that is dead, thats why its a demon.

Size And Body Parts

The Demonosaurus has teeth the size of two bananas. He has 69 teeth to eat with, and he is 45 meters wide, and 20 meters tall. It has cord made from the flesh of the Dinosaur to keep them together. He also has 4 horns so he can split other dinosaurs in half.

Habitat And Where It Lived

The Demonosaurus lives in volcanoes to keep warm. He can survive in this place because he has lava proof skin to protect him, to get out. He climbs out with his mighty feet that have special slime to stick to walls. The slime never comes off because of heat, it's stuck to him forever. The Demonosaurus lived in New Zealand and Australia.


The Demonosaurus had lots of features to defend itself from humans and dinosaurs, one of its features is that it's very stealthy so it can sneak up on their prey.

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