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A Firefighter has a really hard job and they risk their lives for us. A firefighter’s job is also very rewarding for putting out fires and saving the lives of people. For firefighters it's all about saving people and putting out fires. Usually you have to go up multiple floors to save people so they have to train before they become strong enough. They get called to put out fires and save people ALOT.

What Do Firefighters Do?

Fire Fighters have a varied amount of things to do. They extinguish fires and save people. The firefighters educate people at the fire station or a school to teach them how to not set their house on fire. Firefighters attend accidents and have to break open cars with a crowbar or something like that. Firefighters always have to train and get fit so they can carry the oxygen tanks. Firefighters do lots of things as you can see, they need to not be lazy and be very very strong.

What Does A Firefighter Wear?

Firefighters wear masks and oxygen tanks. This is their breathing apparatus! They wear these two accessories to prevent them from breathing in the smoke. They also wear fireproof and protective suits. They also wear heavy duty boots and a helmet with a visor.

How Do You Become Firefighter?

To become a firefighter you need to train hard to lift up the hose. They Interview people to see who is good for this job. If you are good for being a firefighter, you can get the job so you can get money and save people. Physical fitness is good for this job. They also need to sit  literacy, numeracy and logical thinking tests.

What Characteristics Do You Need To
Become A Firefighter?

As a Firefighter you need to work hard, be brave, be able to work in teams.  You need to have the right characteristics to be a firefighter, like honesty, firesmart, fit, reliable, teamwork, well trained, trustworthy, confident ect ect. You need to be brave or you will just run away cause you're scared. You also need to be trustworthy so people can believe in you that you will save them. You have to work hard so you can put out the fires and save people.

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