Thursday, 26 November 2015

Google Expeditions


On Tuesday we went to google expeditions and we went to the staff room and got to see a lot of cardboard boxes, these were the Google expeditions.

Using A Google Expedition

We each got one Google expedition and we looked into it and saw “paused by teacher” we waited for Mr Moran to change it to an image of a place in the world. We went scuba diving first, Mr Moran said “put your boots on because we are going scuba diving” and we looked into the Google expedition and we saw lots of underwater animals and things. Everyone went “Wow!” as we looked around.

How Do They Work?

Google expeditions work as photo viewers, you look into them and see a picture, here’s an example, you look into a Google expedition and you're now looking at a giant tortoise. It is an app that is going to be free next year. Its for your phone, there was a phone in the box and thats what its set up by.


After our fun we went outside and back to our classroom, we all wanted to do that again and see more expeditions. I hated the jungle after it to.

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