Thursday, 6 March 2014


First Steve went fishing for 32 fish it took 2 hours for him to get 32 fish. Then he went to the oven and cooked them all and he waited and waited until ding dong! The doorbell rang Steve saw one of his friends through the glass he didn't know that he was on a multiplayer world. His friend plays tricks on him like putting TNT under the presher plate. This time Steve's friend put TNT under his presher plate he walked on it BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Steve got blasted away  into his house right next to his oven. his friend ran away. Steve got all his food for breckfeast chomp chomp chomp then he went mining he found diamonds. Crack crack crack pop this time his friend put lava behind the diamonds he went up on flames.


  1. WOW - what a terrific story Josh! I like the detail you are including and the action words you are using to make the story really interesting for everyone to read! Next time you could read your story again and make sure you have capital letters at the beginning of all your sentences :)

  2. Hi Josh that was a cool story about mine craft and Steve getting 32 fish. I like your drawing to l keep up the good work