Thursday, 13 November 2014

Film Festival

Manaiakalani has 11 schools helping each other to create better learning for kids and families. Every year we have a film festival. There are 2000 kids at the film festival. Film festivals are lots of movies stuck together in one whole clump there were about 100 movies in ours. Travelling to Sylvia Park was fun it was a bus ride.

Watching the movies was fun well.. at least until  Zombie Apocalypse started. It made me crack up (not the laughing crack up, the crying one) Anyway they were fun because they were funny like the “Daydreamer” movie and the “Chase” movie and finally the “Last Apple” movie. My favourite movie was “Fakebook” because it had a similar name to “facebook” instead with a K. It had animations too with the hand scrolling the pages of Fakebook.

Well done to all the schools for creating these wonderful movies I hope they make funny ones next time.

Here is the movie “Fakebook”.

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