Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Picnic Joshua

On friday Point england school went to the point the overcast  was a very sunny and a little cloudy day. We went near the beach to have a school picnic. We went there for a specal event for fun and a picnic of course.
I liked the saltwater swim I dived in (not really like i mean ran) and when it got over my pants………… i was cold it was SO cold that i emmiditly waddled out and then I ran back in like a maniac and i raced arthur to Mrs Nua.
My 2nd favoruite activity was making a sand castle i made a moat for a island for loads of shells so i could make  a castle with windows and a mud moat. Then a student from my mums class came and asked if he/she could play and i said ok i asked her/him to get some water but it just made more mud so we didnt do it then finally we were done.
i felt proud and salty and happy it was very fun to play at the beach. I thought i should make a jucusie next time and have a bath for days. mabye i should  jump in the water next time.

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