Friday, 5 August 2016

The Rio 2016 Olympics Have Started!!!

This Friday (Friday, 5 August 2016) something happened. An event that we were all waiting for... The Olympics Rio 2016 started! The olympics have gone from 1 event/sport to over 25! How cool is that? The Olympics have given out about 1000 medals! (all types) maybe even more!

Im mostly excited about the hurdles and who wins. Because the person who wins may be featured in my animation. The athlete i'm looking forward to is usain bolt. I want to see if he breaks the 100m men's record. Usain bolt, i’m cheering for you! The hurdles are actually my favourite sport in the olympics.

So altogether the olympics will be fun to watch and I wish good luck for the athletes competing this Olympics. YOU should watch it! (if you like sports) so bye! I hope you have a good time watching it!
The olympics are not really my thing so I probably won’t watch it. Unless if i’m forced to.

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