Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Supplements Learning

This is my shopping for supplements learning. I hope you enjoy my choices on what seems the best!

Types of Supplements

Use the article to complete this table.
[Amino Acids]
[Whey Protein]
What is it meant to do?

Caffeine is meant to keep you awake for long game matches.
Creatine is meant to help you with sprinting or weightlifting.
Amino Acids are meant to help build up your muscles.
Whey Protein is meant to help fix the rips in your muscles.
Who might use it?

People that stay up late or people that are still tired in the morning.
People that go to the gym a lot or people that go jogging.
People that want strength and big muscles should use this.
People that want to get rid of the pain after you rip your muscles faster.

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