Thursday, 17 November 2016

Motat Adventure

One day on a school trip, Joshua, Justice and Deavay went to Motat. They went on the bus and got there in 30 minutes and talked so much. They talked the entire time and got lost. The time passed and the night came. The gates were locked as well. They all had to sleep out the night with nothing. Then they heard a random creak at the door. Deavay checked behind the door and there was nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Then, suddenly… Justice was gone. A laugh was heard in the distance. Joshua and Deavay ran towards the employee’s only door. Then they busted it down. And saw Justice stuck in a giant cocoon of webs. They turned right and saw a giant spider. The spider hissed then ran away. Justice fell out of the cocoon at the same time as well. After that, they walked back and the daytime came back and they were all safe. They lived the rest of their lives. For now… Muhahahaha!👿

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