Monday, 22 December 2014

Issac The Human That Shoots tears

 Isaac The Human Can shoot tears so he can kill his foes.

Here is the story about him.

Once upon a time there was a house with mom, Issac. A voice said to mom that Isaac was cursed and mom sent Isaac to the basement. Read on!


Isaacs Freinds
Who Are These? Put names in comments!
Hint: the bat is azazle and the one that's bald is cai_
The one with curly hair is
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The with blonde hair that's plain is
_ _ _


Isaac Went down a trapdoor in the basement and went......

Kaput. But he did not die he just got really hurt (no blood don't worry) and he got back up and started to walk he found this golden door he thought it meant a good thing so he walked in, and guess what he saw? This.

Isaac saw this. A ghost baby that's pretty much like a mini Isaac but one that flies
He bumped into it a picked it up it said Ghost Baby a scary friend
And a ghost baby appeared right next to Isaac
He went through lots of rooms till he found this door. That's it a boss room he went in and guess what,

He saw something like this

He ran he walked everywhere he shot but he couldn't hit it and the ghost shot the red and orange bit and he got Hit! Watch the vid to find more about the bosses

now remeber that. Anyway after he killed it an item went onto the floor and it looked like this

If you want Isaac to pick up the petrified poop read on!
If you don't go to the next paragraph under the PICK IT UP paragraph.

This is the paragraph for if you want him to pick it up. He picked it up and he thought and thought and thought he knew that he needed to kill a poop so he found one and killed it and it gave him a coin! Read on!

If you don't want him to pick it up just go underneath this sentence.

So he grabbed or didn't grab his item and he went down another trapdoor it said caves I. He stood back up and did the same thing over and over again until he got to this boss now whatch the vid to learn more about him tune in next time!

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