Friday, 15 May 2015


Marshmallows from Ringling College of Art + Design on Vimeo.

On a cloudy starless night the lake was gently lapping against the shore. There was a solitary boy sitting in the clearing of the forest. This boy  named “Jimmy” was camping in the night.

A monster from the lake swam stealthily and came up to the shore. He  tip toed quietly behind Jimmy. Hearing a crackle Jimmy turned around and saw the monster that was very slimy green and had shining yellow eyes.

He tried to defend himself by thrusting his marshmallow on a stick at the monster like a sword. As quick as lightning and before you could blink the monster changed into acting like a silly dog and shot out his tongue, gobbling the first marshmallow up.

Jimmy grabbed the 3rd marshmallow out of his bag and the monster gobbled it right up. “Oh no!” Jimmy thought to himself as he cautiously pulled the last marshmallow out of his bag. The monster was so eager that it looked like it ate Jimmy’s hand.

The monster waited expectantly for another marshmallow but as soon as the monster found out that there was no more marshmallows left it reverted to a evil monster and snarled viciously. In a panic, Jimmy tried to run away but he stumbled on a rock and the monster lurched at Jimmy.

Jimmy grabbed a pillow to defend himself and then he had a brainwave. He offered the pillow and the monster dashed into marshmallow heaven. Jimmy threw the pillow, the monster went after it. While Jimmy had time he ran away, far far away.The monster picked up a stick and went to the campfire. As quick as lightning the pillow incinerated and the monster lived sadly ever after.

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  1. You have done a fantastic job with this Josh. Well done. It is great how you have tried to include a lot of our new vocabulary. You have captured the movie well with your descriptions. Keep up the great work.