Friday, 29 May 2015

Mister Bald Face

Mr Bald Face

Mr Bald Face was strolling along eating chicken chips feeling very content. Licking and slurping his fingers he thought to himself “ Wow what a great lunch!"

He realized there was a stain on his tie and cleaned his tie by licking his finger and wiping the tie. Suddenly a white box came out of nowhere! It hit Mr Bald Face on the head and he thought “Stupid Box!”

Mr Bald Face glanced around and saw a tower of boxes and a unusual dark silver box. he thought “ What the heck is that?” and clambered up the tower and he balanced precariously.

He leapt off of the tower and landed on the unusual dark silver box then toppled off onto the floor with a huge crash. He noticed a button underneath the box and reached out to press it. He hesitated. Cautiously, he reached further to the box and he pressed the button.

Suddenly the unusual box made a whirring noise and started spinning as fast as usain bolt and i sucked in Mister Bald Face like an elephant taking water. Mister Bald Face tried to resist death and pulled and pulled but it sucked in Mister Bald Face right in and he disappeared completely.

As quick as lightning, a strange whirring was heard and spun rapidly and the box spat out a white box with blue ripped ties on it. Mister Bald Face Thought “Is it just me or am i feeling very boxish?” And Mister Bald Face was in the box and he was never heard from again ( And the ripped tie box turned into a normal white box.)
The Switch - Vancouver Film School (VFS) from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

Mister Bald Face With Box.

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