Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Adventures Of Freddy

Walt: write stories with a complete orientation, problem, and resolution

The Adventures Of Gregory Part 2

On one normal day, a donkey named Freddy was swimming in the water. he couldn’t walk on land, he was a very weird donkey. Freddy was very rich, he was almost as rich as the Auckland Bank!
Freddy thought he had a good life, but there were a few things he hasn’t done. Like walking on land for instance.

Freddy wished he could go to the moon, but he needed more money. Freddy needed to get money, but how? Freddy thought of an idea. After a few minutes, he thought of going deep into the ocean to find money, but then suddenly…… a whale came out of nowhere! The whale swallowed him whole.

Inside the whale was disgusting, Freddy saw red walls, skeletons, other fish, all of it was so disgusting! After a few minutes inside the whale, he noticed he wasn’t alone… soon, a walking fish named Gregory (read part 1) came over to Freddy. Freddy was in horror, he didn’t know who this was, but he wanted to ask how to get out, Gregory said that the only way out is through the water pipe, but it was very tough when you’re a fish.

Freddy decided to end this, he got into the water pipe and BLASTED out of the hole. Then all of a sudden.. a fish blasted out too, It was Gregory! Freddy saw him zoom next to him, eventually, he came back down, they both knew that they both have natural skills. Gregory looked into the sky and saw Pat, (read part 1) Gregory waved. “What's going on?” asked Pat “oh, me and this donkey named Freddy got stuck in a whale, we just got out.” Gregory replied everybody laughed, it was a good day.

Task Description: Today my classmates and I made a short story, this story was about a donkey getting stuck inside a whale.

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