Thursday, 4 February 2016

Mt Wellington

WALT: follow instructions and present work to a high standard.

I have never been to Mt Wellington before and i would like to one day. Mt wellington erupted about 10,000 Years ago! This volcano has now been extinct for about 9,000 years.
Task Description: Today we learned about Mt Wellington and labeled a volcano.


  1. Hi Josh! I really love your volcano and how you have labelled all the parts. We drive past Mt Wellington nearly every day, so we will have to stop and climb to the top one day (or we could drive I guess .. but that doesn't sound nearly as exciting!) Don't forget to check to make sure you have capital letters in all the right places ;)

  2. Great work Josh. Next time see if you can download your google drawing as a '.png', rather than screenshot it (this will get rid of those little squares). Keep it up!