Monday, 21 March 2016

Geometry Battles

Geometry Battles
Written And Illustrated By Joshua

On one normal day on my ipad, I was sucked into it! As soon as my eyes stopped randomly blinking, I looked around, I was in my own ipad! I decided to play some geometry dash, I jumped on the app, then I was inside geometry dash. “Let’s do level 6” I thought. I went to level 6 and started the level, This was epic! I had to jump in real life to jump in the game. After a few minutes, I got tired of jumping, so I exited geometry dash and went to BTDB (bloons tower defense battles) and went to fight a random person. It was a hacker, I was scared to see what would happen, but I chose my towers

Image result for boomerang monkey BTDBImage result for boomerang monkey BTDBImage result for wizard monkey BTDB
Boomerang Monkey
Super monkey
Monkey Apprentice
   Super monkey       Boomerang Monkey   Monkey Apprentice

I chose super monkey, boomerang monkey, and monkey apprentice for this battle. Prepare for a beating hacker! The game started, he already had a super monkey, this might be bad, I saved up for $3500 before getting my super monkey, then I made one, after I placed it, I noticed he had a temple already.

Image result for ZOMG BTD Battles
A temple is the best tower in the game, suddenly, five ZOMGs
(zeplin of mega greatness) came on my side, he was attacking! I attacked back with a few ceramic bloons,
Image result for Ceramic Bloon BTD Battles
Soon, because I had $125000, I made a temple of the monkey god with it, now I had enough to kill him with a zomg attack, a sun temple was not enough defense to kill 10 ZOMGs, the ZOMGs got past and the game ended, the hacker said “good game dude!”. And I exited the battle, I thought of playing a computer vs player round, I hate hackers. We got into the game and I had 1 new tower instead of my boomerang tower. It was banana farm.
The banana farm made money for you every now and then. I placed it down and then I placed a wizard monkey next to it. Banana farm was making lots of money for me, but the computer player had a spike factory, I sent some yellows just incase he can’t defend against them. Bananas were spewing out, but suddenly, a cube came out of nowhere into the match! It was jumping over things, and I noticed that the spikes of the spike factory were Geometry Dash spikes! The cube ran into them and exploded, I got blasted out of my ipad and into the roof, I was now in the sky, I couldn’t tell if I was falling, or going up anymore.... Apparently I was falling, and I was headed for straight into my neighbor's pool, SPLASH! I was wet as a soggy towel, and the day was over.


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