Friday, 18 March 2016

Little Red Riding Hood - TWISTED

Walt: retell a story

In a land… far, far away. It was an exciting and happy land, no fighting ever went on. In a new home for a family of four on a hill, there was a tiny girl that lived in the rickety, broken house. Little red riding fly was the name of the girl, Little fly (for short) was a fly, who only lived with her mother fly. Little red riding fly’s mother said “Little fly, go out and deliver these food scraps from the humans please”.

Little fly did what she was told and went out into the deep, dark pond forest. The forest was spooky and , but there were rabbits to keep Little fly company. Little fly passed a nearby pond and a frog came out to see who was going through the forest. The frog said “who is that going through the forest?” and came through the trees. Little fly asked if the frog would follow her to keep her even more company on the long walk. The frog agreed and they both set off again for her wonderful, granny flies home

Five hours later, Little fly and the nice frog got to grandma flies home. Granny fly accidentally swallowed Little fly whole. Little fly was scared, VERY scared. Little fly could only see apple cores, seeds and rotten gunk everywhere! Little fly decided to fly up the throat of granny fly and got hit by a spider that was shooting down her throat, Little fly was very brave and went up again.

After a few seconds of flying, Little fly was outside of grannies throat. Granny was very happy for Little fly. Frog was too, grandma gave Little fly a big and hard hug. And they lived, happily ever after.

Task desc: Today my class made a twisted story, we thought of amazing ideas to write with. Enjoy my story, and check out others!

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