Friday, 11 July 2014

Josh has mods

Yesterday my dad and my brother got me a mod pack. Mod packs are things that add things into Minecraft. And mod packs are awesome because they have about 65 mods in there and that is a lot of mods in the mod pack. There is thaumcraft and traincraft there is tons of mobs in this mod pack I can't show them. Mobs are evil if you are wondering first I found a mob called cyclops he has 1 eye. (pretty freaky!) when I went mining I found a earth shard a air shard a dull shard a water shard and a vis shard. My brother has this mod pack to! He is the main researcher in the mod pack because he dose loads of researching. His main goal is to get a mining golem it is awesome this mod pack.


  1. Hi Josh, I have one question. What on earth, is a Mod?

  2. Josh you really have great detail on your mining golem machine.